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What I offer

Highly specialised advice on your real estate projects

You're looking for an experienced legal specialist who will provide advice and support on your real estate transactions and project development activities? These are the legal fields in which I have specialised for many years. Rest assured, I will only give you the answers that are important to you and relevant to your business. And you can rely on me to realise them pragmatically and efficiently.

Over 20 years of experience as a lawyer in the real estate sector, dealing largely with transactions and product development activities of all kinds: property sales and purchases, portfolio transactions, forward deals, commercial leases, etc. – both domestic and international. I will identify problems early on, pre-empting them before they can get acute. My aim is to view your processes from your perspective as if I were a member of your team.

In my previous role as a partner of one of the largest law firms in Germany, I coordinated legal teams of all sizes on projects of varying scope and complexity – encompassing tax law, financing, corporate law, regulatory issues, etc. I am therefore familiar with all facets of real estate projects, including planning and environmental law, building permits, contracts with general contractors, architects and project managers, commercial leases and property purchase agreements.

Coordination of your real estate projects and transaction processes

You're looking for a consultant to handle your real estate projects? I have years of experience in real estate project management and can provide a comprehensive range of tailored services covering every aspect of the project cycle, however complex. I will not lose sight of the overall picture even when the pressure is rising. This will also motivate your team.

I will help to structure your transaction processes effectively. If you are a property investor, you can rely on me to develop the right strategy for your project, whether it is a purchase, sale or project development. We will start by defining the objective and then work out how it can best be achieved. I will coordinate advisors in the various fields (technology, environment, tax, finance, etc.) and help to incorporate their findings into your project. I will help you to set up data rooms and monitor their content for consistency. This will enable you to identify omissions and redundancy.

If you need legal due diligence or other labour-intensive tasks, I can liaise with your own advisors or recommend other experienced specialists. I can also put you in touch with legal tech providers to facilitate the analysis of large quantities of documents, such as many commercial leases.

Assistance with difficult negotiations

Negotiations have become bogged down? Let me help you out of difficult negotiating situations so that you can all still look each other in the eye once the problems have been overcome.

Perhaps you and your "adversary" also prefer the support of a non-party mediator? Have you ever considered that the law only helps you in the pursuit of particularly legally protected interests? However, economic interests and emotions are of similar importance for the successful resolution of a conflict as your legal claimss. As a trained business mediator, I support business participants in the successful search for an interest-oriented and therefore sustainable solution.

Negotiating lies at the heart of a lawyer's activity, in my case for over 30 years. Some lawyers like a fight, but it was clear to me very early on that solutions offer a greater prospect of lasting success, particularly if you are likely to cross paths again.

I will help you analyse where the interests of all parties really lie, rather than taking their original positions at face value Once we understand your partner's underlying interests, we can reframe the situation to establish common ground and seek a solution that will generate a positive outcome for everyone. If a win-win situation is what you're looking for, then it's crucial to ensure that your negotiating partners understand that what you are offering is in their best interest too.

Over the years, I have studied negotiating methods and put them to the test. I understand the theory behind the practice, which is why I know what will succeed and what won't. By putting this knowledge at your service and preparing you thoroughly, I will guide you through your negotiations from beginning to end.

Guidance on making the most of your resources

You'd like to have more responsibility and make more of your personal skills to pave the way for your next career move – in the property sector or as lawyer? I can help you develop your personal profile and your business case.

Over the decades I have watched what it is that makes an individual successful. I firmly believe that success is the ability to match your own aspirations to your skills. As a qualified systemic business coach, I can give guidance to help you grow, define your objectives and pursue the path towards your goal. Together we will establish what your success blockers have been in the past and how they can be transformed into success accelerators.

Support to your company as advisory or supervisory board member

You're a shareholder in a property company? Why not let me put my experience and networking potential at the service of your company? If you're looking for someone you can trust, who will always put your interests first, or someone to explore new ideas with, then I'm the right person.

I know the fears and anxieties of the property sector and its players, but I also know the opportunities the sector offers. I have seen many companies come and go. And I've seen enough economic cycles to recognise what they have in common and what not. Feel free to talk to me about the opportunities available to your company and how to exploit them. For many years I have been a valued advisor to companies in the property sector, acting as a sounding board for their own ideas and providing creative and innovative input.

Who am I?

  • Established my own legal practice April 2021
  • Partner with commercial law firm CMS Hasche Sigle from 1990 to March 2021
  • Coordinator of the CMS international Real Estate Practice Area Group until 2019
  • Training as a business mediator at the Steinbeis Academy in 2021/2022
  • Training as systemic business coach at the FernUniversität Hagen in 2018/2019
  • Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS)
  • Founder of the Administrative Law Working Group (Baden-Württemberg) 1992, and its chairman for over 20 years
  • Specialist lawyer in administrative law since 1990
  • Member of the examination board at the Ministry of Justice for the second state law examination for over 20 years
  • Law studies in Göttingen (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland)

What others say about me

"…I can confirm that you have always been uniquely able to provide us with a very personal, engaged and customised service ..." (client, 2021)

"Working with you was a highlight from the very outset. The successful outcome of the ... transaction with a win-win situation for all those involved was and still is a remarkable achievement." (client, 2021)

"very pragmatic and reliable" (client), JUVE handbook on commercial law firms 2014/2015 

Clients praise Dirk Rodewoldt as "very deal and transaction-experienced" and "very good in negotiations" (Chambers Europe 2015)




Regularly recommended in JUVE's handbook on commercial law firms as a real estate and public commercial law specialis

Also in 2023 the German business and finance newspaper Handelsblatt in cooperation with Best Lawyers again described me as one of Germany's best lawyers both in the field of real estate and public commercial law as it did in 2021 and 2022.


Selected mandates

Acquisition of a portfolio comprising 42 discounter stores for a capital investment company (including project management and negotiations) 

Ongoing representation of a non-German international financial investor in over twenty sales and acquisitions in Germany

Advice to the state of Baden-Württemberg on a number of sales and acquisitions; joint responsibility for my former law firm being selected to Baden-Württemberg's panel for real estate transactions 

Acquisition of two property companies developing large student halls of residence for a foreign operator and investor ("forward deal")

Acquisition and sale of various logistics projects (either as existing properties or as forward deals)

Development and construction of one of Germany's biggest waste-to-energy plants (as legal team coordinator with special responsibility for issues related to property and planning permission and construction on a large industrial estate)